Orbit PC prides itself on its superior service & support.
It's this kind of hands on experience that makes us experts in upgrading & servicing personal computers.
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Once you have decided to establish your business on the web, we will ensure that you and your business make the best use of exciting new opportunities.

If you want the full potential of the World Wide Web to work for your business.

You need a web site.

We offer consultation as well as suggestions for your small ‘home-based’ business providing you with the answers.

Networking personal and business computers allows resources such as files, printers, DVD-ROMs and Internet access via routers and hubs to be shared.

We provide our clients with startup assistance and on going backup for small in-house networks as well as advice on connection type, (i.e. modem, DSL or cable modem), and e-mail setup.

Further assistance with internet and networking needs is always available.

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